Executive Chef at Rogues Bistro, Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a series of beautiful islands now home to Executive Chef Brad at Rogues Bistro. Enjoy your luxury beach vacation with the best cuisine and entertainment has to offer with exclusive menus and events designed by Chef Brad.

Things to watch for...

In addition to the many dining options, Chef Brad is excited to present new and unique opportunities to visitors. Experiences to watch for are:

Chef Table Night

Prix fixe meal, paired with wine along with an opportunity to speak with the Chef and Sommelier.

Island Fare

Multi-course dinner of island cuisine.

Sunset Yacht Cruises

Cruise with tapas and drinks followed by a sumptuous dinner at the Pavilion.

BBQ Beach Party

Begin the night with a cocktail from the rum bar, followed by a fresh grilled surf and turf menu filled with local Caribbean favorites.


I suppose that my grass roots approach to food came from my beautiful mother. Growing up we always ate well. During the week usually a hearty pot of curry or a stew graced our dinner table almost every protein we ate had bones in it, nothing went to waste and subsequently the flavours were incredible.


Chef Brad